07 - 12 May


Independent Cultural Scenes: Echoes from Europe
Les Grandes Locos
12 rue Gabriel Péri
69350 La Mulatière
Thursday 09 May
16:30 – 20:00

Included in Day 2 ticket

On Thursday, May 9th, Europe Day, Nuits sonores Lab echoes the political changes happening on the continent. By questioning the impact of such transformations on European cultural scenes, the Nuits sonores' debates format raises the question of the future of artistic activities, venues, festivals, and independent media in Europe.

A Conversation with :

On the Amphitheater Stage of the Days, a journalist will welcome music personalities and artists from the lineup to discuss their artistic practices and future of music.

Conversation held in English with Anetha, Meth Math Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta, Deena Abdelwahed et ABADIR moderation Chloe Lula

Radio Lab : 

Once again this year, Radio Lab will give a voice to various European community radios, from Berlin to Kyiv to Athens. Through a variety of formats—discussions, listening sessions, interviews—Gasoline Radio, Stegi Radio, Cashmere Radio, and Ondorphine Radio will address the themes of this edition of Nuits sonores Lab and allow the festival to connect with the respective local scenes of these webradios. By being at the heart of the Nuits sonores Days setup, Radio Lab enhances the festival-goers' experience by offering exchanges about the major discussions happening within the contemporary artistic scenes.

Radio platform with Stegi Radio (Athènes, Grèce)

Stegi Radio is an online radio station based in Athens, Greece and a part of Onassis Stegi. It focuses on the musical and cultural currents of the Mediterranean, traversing an imaginary archipelago beyond geographical borders and boundaries.

Program :

16.30 - 17.30 | Entropia Records Listening Session - Balkans & The Mediterranean: Unearthing Sonic Connections

Exploring the cultural collage, connections & movement in music throughout the Balkan and Mediterranean territories.  Sometimes western-influenced, others oriental, hardly homogenous. A hand picked selection of vinyl records that fuses  instruments, traditions, geography and evolution in the music industry. 

17.30 - 18.15 |European Cultural Spaces: Factory of our Times

A discussion centered around understanding the role of European cultural venues/spaces (concerts hall, clubs, theaters, whether they are institutions or not) in addressing contemporary challenges in Europe, how they should rethink their models to tackle climate crisis, be more inclusive, reconnect with artistic communities which are often forgotten, and reflect on how  such spaces manage (or not) to talk about ‘Europe’.

18.15 - 19.15 | Tasos Stamou Listening Session - Transcendental Folktronica from the Balkans

A listening session of original tracks and remixes compiled by “Future Folk” producer Tasos Stamou from his collection of Balkan folktronica, featuring vintage recordings with a unique and creative use of electronic gear, which coincidentally (or not) have a strong affiliation to avant-garde electronics from the west from the same period.

19.15 - 20.00 | A conversation between Deena Abdelwahed and Yannis-Orestis Papadimitriou

All the Nuits sonores 2024 venues are accessible to people with disabilities.

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