07 - 12 May

Stegi Radio (Greece)

Thursday 09 May 2024

Stegi Radio is an online radio station based in Athens, Greece and a part of Onassis Stegi. It focuses on the musical and cultural currents of the Mediterranean, traversing an imaginary archipelago beyond geographical borders and boundaries. It explores musical and cultural communities and music creation; it seeks novel ideas and sounds that reflect the new musical production as well as its historical course, creating an ever-expanding network between the cities of the Mediterranean and the rest of the globe. Stegi Radio functions as a transmitter that records and disseminates the past, present, and future, serving as a cultural glue between people, communities, and artistic creation. Through a large and constantly enriched archive, it tries to tackle the question: How can a radio station express the fluidity of cultural exchanges that have shaped the Mediterranean area?

As part of Nuits sonores Lab 2024, Greek community radio Stegi Radio program will investigate the ways in which the music and culture of the so-called ‘periphery' have historically informed European culture, even when the subjects of the periphery have been deprived of representation in the mainstream narratives. Listening sessions featuring Greek artists like Tasos Stamou and the Entropia records label, and in-depth discussions with Deena Abdelwahed and professionals from cultural venues, will initiate a discourse that extends beyond European borders, unearthing new connections and hidden stories between genres and cultures.