07 - 12 May

For a safer festival

Nuits Sonores is committed to making the festival as safe as possible for everyone. For several years, our teams have been working with associations and collectives to implement a series of measures aimed at raising awareness among festival staff and festival-goers about preventing and combatting gender-based and sexual violence :

The creation of spaces for prevention, listening, dialogue and exchange open to everyone on the main festival sites;
The presence of a team of mediators authorized to take testimony and support the care of victims of violence on the main festival
sites ;
The organisation of shared return journeys for festival-goers, thanks to meeting points on the different sites and/or the help of dedicated volunteers ;

The presence of first aiders and emergency doctors trained in providing care to victims of gender-based and sexual violence on the main festival sites ;
The implementation of an awareness campaign promoting a culture of consent on the main festival sites, in collaboration with Consentis ;
The provision of different types of relevant resources at the festival’s information points ;
Pre-festival training and awareness-raising among volunteers and bar staff on the sites about understanding sexual violence in a festival environment, as well as means of prevention and the culture of consent.
In 2024, Nuits Sonores wishes not only to maintain its existing measures but to strengthen its system for preventing and combating gender- based and sexual violence. Our priority is to enable all the teams involved in the festival to be aware and capable of acting proactively on these issues for the good of all the people involved in our events; from volunteers to temporary staff, not to mention the general public.

Social Corner

Since 2022, the festival has had a prevention, listening, dialogue and exchange space open to everyone on the Days site in order to take preventive measures, run awareness workshops and interact freely with festival- goers in a safe and caring setting: the Social Corner.


This space is designed to:

create a safe and caring space on the daytime site of the festival
raise awareness among festival-goers about the fight against gender-based and sexual violence at festivals, in collaboration with various associations
welcome to the festival members of specialist associations who are trained to hear the testimony of festival-goers, if necessary.