07 - 12 May

Tasos Stamou (Music composer and performer I GR / UK)

Thursday 09 May 2024

UK-based Greek electroacoustic music composer and performer, sound technologist, alternative music producer and tutor. A recording artist in Discrepant (UK), Ikuisuus (FL), Moving Furniture Records (NL), Orila Records (GR), Tasos Stamou has been blending antique and future sounds in his latest releases and shows. For more than a decade, he has toured with solo and collaborative projects all over Europe, working with pioneer sound experimentalists and improvisers, such as Anna Homler, Mike Cooper, Steve Beresford, Andrea Parkins, Sharon Gal, Adam Bohman, Arma Agharta, Alan Wilkinson and more. His latest sound works bring together his passion for both contemporary electronic and South-East Mediterranean music heritage, while his archive of sounds from this spectrum is rapidly growing the deeper he dives into this research.