07 - 12 May

Nuits sonores sustainability & solidarity

Nuits sonores durables et solidaires (NSDS) is a programme first launched in 2010 by the Arty Farty association, the organisers of Nuits Sonores. Its aim is to put in place tangible measures to demonstrate the festival’s commitment to contemporary economic, social and environmental issues and to contribute to the wider efforts of actors in the cultural and creative industries.


Today, these responsibilities can be broken down into major themes such as accessibility, the environment, inclusion and solidarity, and prevention.

The festival’s teams are therefore taking action in relation to a number of different areas, including the accessibility of the festival to people with disabilities, waste management, mobility, responsible communications, re-use and responsible purchasing, restoration, the
 fight against gender-based and sexist violence, risk reduction, prevention of hearing damage and noise pollution, and the development of lineups that are representative of both local and international scenes and attentive to contemporary issues.


Thanks to the progress made in this regard, Arty Farty and its ecosystem received certification for the international standard for sustainable event management (ISO 20121) in 2023.