25 - 29 May

LB aka Labat

LB aka LABAT is a record collector , he uses them to craft music of his own with his MPC’s and other vintage gears.
He signed with Mall Grab’s very well respected label «Steel city dance discs» in 2020, and is about to release a second project on the imprint in 2022.
Starting in 2021 LB aka LABAT tours around Europe with his very new analog Live show, 3 mpc’s and 303 acid bass lines.
A new adventure is starting for him early 2022, the release of his own imprint Poumpet Records, where he challenges himself to release a track every month for a whole year.


  • Poumpet Records
  • Steel City Dance Discs
Lyon France
Day 2
Thursday 26 May 2022
21:30 - 22:20