25 - 29 May

Helena Hauff

The multi-talented purveyor of a dark techno imbued with unfiltered electro and shimmering EBM, German artist Helena Hauff has never once looked back since the release of her debut album in 2015. The production genius behind Qualm, the 2018 release on Ninja Tune that ranks among the finest electronic albums of the last decade, Helena Hauff’s virtuosity is derived from three passions: her love for the machines that she manipulates with such icy precision (not least the timeless TR-808), her love for records (she works exclusively with vinyl) and her love for atypical venues (such as the Golden Pudel, the nerve centre of Hamburg counter-culture). As relentless as she is radical, Helena Hauff described her remix for Fever Ray in the following terms: “I went as hard as I could, then even harder.” A fitting illustration of her singular capacity to turn violence into art.

  • Return To Disorder
Hambourg Allemagne
A night with Helena Hauff
Saturday 28 May
03:00 - 05:00