07 - 12 May

VTSS b2b Evian Christ

Day 4
Saturday 11 May 2024

Martyna Maja is the creative force behind VTSS, an enigmatic figure and multi-faceted artist with multiple personalities. From krautrock singer and producer of experimental and hyperpop, to a technoid DJ who has graced the stages of the biggest festivals, the Polish artist has consistently defied expectations and always remains open to new musical paths. Her ability to mix influences from pop culture with the most niche sub-genres has cemented her reputation as a consummate artist inhabiting electrifying musical terrain.

Born and raised in the deindustrialised satellite town of Ellesmere Port with few connections or musical ambitions, trainee teacher Joshua Leary found unexpected success overnight with his project Evian Christ. In the space of three years, Christ has found himself in an unlikely position of international influence, having helped produce Kanye West's Yeezus, two critically acclaimed EPs on the hip Tri Angle Records label. As a promoter and resident DJ at London's Trance Party, Christ championed the likes of Travis Scott, Sophie, Arca, Yves Tumor, Bladee, AG Cook and Bad Boy Chiller Crew long before their popularity peaked, and his visual legacy has since extended to exhibitions at London's ICA, the Moscow Biennale and Rome's MoCA, in collaboration with designer David Rudnick. Revanchist, Evian Christ's debut album, will be released by Warp on 15 September 2023.


  • Ninja Tune
Royaume-Uni, Pologne