07 - 12 May

Odalie (live)

Day 1
Wednesday 08 May 2024

Odalie is a project created and directed by composer, synthesist and sound designer Sophie Griffon, who reworks the ambient and neoclassical language of textured electronic and organic music in the style of a Nils Frahm, a Max Cooper or a Sigur Rós. Textures and arpeggios blend together over a foundation of a cello and modular synths, creating a musical landscape that oscillates effortlessly between immensity and intimacy. After three debut EPs, Sophie signed to Max Cooper’s MESH label, on which she released her debut album Puissante Vulnérabilité in September 2023. With compositions that are variously luminous and melancholic, and sometimes outright dark, the album explores a world of contrasts through its intense and beautiful electronica: full and empty; light and shade; bittersweet.

  • Mesh
Lyon, France