07 - 12 May

Jennifer Cardini

Day 3
Friday 10 May 2024

What more can we say about Jennifer Cardini? One of our festival’s most familiar faces, and an artist who has lived through countless chapters of electronic music history since her early days at Pulp, she now returns to Nuits Sonores for a daytime solo set. A musical explorer who seeks to uncover that which lies beneath the surface and to bring meaning to long hours on the dancefloor, Jennifer has been honing and fine-tuning her unique house and techno sound over the course of 30 years of sets, collaborations, productions and labels (Dischi Autunno, Correspondant and, more recently, Faeries). A multidisciplinary pioneer, we never tire of seeing her return to our festival’s stages.

  • Correspondant
  • Dischi Autunno
France, Allemagne