07 - 12 May


Day 2
Thursday 09 May 2024

Perreo Supremo will continue under the name Divin0.
Divin0 is a collective and artistic project that highlights music and dance. It advocates for a perreo sublimated by the sounds of global club culture and a dance floor that is free, safe(r), and inclusive, animated by the "angelitos" of perreo.
Divin0 emerges from liberated bodies, without constraints or limitations. It arises from the movement and dance of consciousness, from the desire to create new spaces. A space-time where everyone can be who they want to be, feeling safe, where everyone can dance to the ground to the sounds of reggaeton, perreo, baile funk, Latin beats, dembow, and more.
Divin0 fits into the reggaeton movement and perreo without barriers. Respecting the past, with an eye towards the future.
Summing up Divin0 in a few words? Music, dance, values, and a lot of fun <3

Paris, France