07 - 12 May

Ago Gazo (live)

Day 4
Saturday 11 May 2024

In Togo, gazo (the traditional music of the Ewé region) is not reserved for special occasions. On the contrary, it exists as a soundtrack to life; when all’s well, when nothing's happening, when sadness reigns. When Togolese hip-hop pioneer Ametek met Nantes-based producer Vidock, gazo and electronic music crossed paths for the first time. And so, Ago Gazo was born. The duo released their eponymous debut EP in 2023, laying the foundations for a new genre infused with trance and liberation. Percussion, traditional Togolese instruments and chanting, analogue machines and modular synths are all harnessed for one common purpose: to pummel the emotions like the ears of a boxer.

  • Abstrack Records
Nantes, France