07 - 12 May

Festivals and Cultural Activities

talk held in English
Maison de l’Environnement
14 avenue Tony Garnier, 69007 Lyon
Wednesday 08 May
14:30 - 16:00

Festivals and Cultural Activities in the Time of Extreme Weather

Programmed within the framework of TIMES (The Independent Movement for Electronic Scenes)

Avec Nono Gigsta, Mariavittoria Perrone et Philip Sherburne

Can we keep on dancing in a world on fire? As climate change intensifies and extreme weather events become more frequent and severe, significant challenges are posed to festivals—and more broadly to the entire cultural scene. How can organizers adapt to such changes? What measures should be put in place in this context to ensure the mental health of artists, festival-goers, and audiences of such cultural events? How to envision the future of cultural and artistic activities in a world subjected to these extreme weather phenomena? By giving voice to one of the organisers of the Italian festival Terraforma—an event putting environmental sustainability as one of its priority—as well as to the artist and theorist Gigsta who reflects on the links between the music industry and social justice, this exchange aims to explore strategies for managing and adapting to these challenges for the entire contemporary cultural scene.

Maison de l’environnement