07 - 12 May

Cycling to Festivals

workshop held in French
71 Quai Perrache
69002 Lyon
Wednesday 08 May
10:30 - 12:30

Cycling to Festivals: What are the Best Practices?

Avec Graines électroniques

Are you ready for the adventure of cycling to a festival? This workshop will provide you with the tips and secrets of a successful cycling experience. In this workshop, the Graines électroniques team, passionate about dance, cycling and ecology, will present the roadmap and tools you need to prepare your cycling trip before going to a festival. What are the main stages in planning your journey? How do you conserve energy? What equipment is essential and where can you find it? As well as practical advice, get into the action by trying out different equipment, panniers and trailers, for all levels.

Hôtel71 - Salle de formation