07 - 12 May

Ross Alexander Payne

Friday 10 May 2024

Ross Alexander Payne is an Artist based in Berlin working in the context of expansive trans-disciplinary practice and non-individualist ideals. His broad ranging body of work as an artist has encompassed music, visual arts, performance, radio art, installation, digital media, intervention, social practice and education.  Alongside releasing music on a diverse array of various labels such as Deeply Rooted House, Discrepant and Enmossed Ross has presented and performed at such institutions as ICA London, Transmediale Festival, Documenta Kassel and Martin-Gropius Bau Berlin. As a curator and organiser his practice has seen him work with Transmediale festival, Maerzmusik Berlin, Glastonbury Festival, Cashmere Radio, Nyege NyegeFestival Uganda and through his own Salon Oblique production collective.

Berlin, Allemagne