07 - 12 May

Paquita Gordon b2b Marco Shuttle

Ns Club x Terraforma
Friday 10 May 2024

Get ready for a back-to-back set featuring two serial diggers and Terraforma regulars with an infectious passion for vinyl and DJing. While Marco Shuttle’s name is synonymous with a deep, mental and resolutely Italian techno, Paquita Gordon’s blend of psychedelic, tribal and ritual sounds is influenced as much by folk music as it is by the club scene. This promises to be a memorable night at Le Sucre, shaped by two artists with a shared thirst for enchanting journeys.

Artist co-programmed with TIMES (The Independent Movement for Electronic Scenes)
TIMES (The Independent Movement for Electronic Scenes) is a cooperative project between 10 European festivals that aims to create original artistic works and promote diversity and sustainability in the music sector. TIMES is a collaboration between Arty Farty/Nuits sonores (FR), Berlin Atonal (DE), Elevate (AT), Insomnia (NO), Le Guess Who? (NL), Reworks (GR), Semibreve (PT), Sónar (ES), Terraforma (IT), Unsound (PL), and audiovisual partner Creative Broadcast (RO).

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