07 - 12 May


Mini sonore – vendredi
Friday 10 May 2024

Ugandan storyteller FAIZAL MOSTRIXX is a producer of avant-garde Afro-futuristic music, a DJ and remixer with electrifying sets, and an urban dancer and choreographer. Mostrixx is a visionary grandmaster who creates fearless, poetic narratives through multi-sensory opuses. Entirely self-taught, he forged his creative path at an early age by observing his mother, a local traditional dancer, and listening to the cassettes his father, a truck driver, brought back from his travels in Kenya. Today, driven by a desire to create his own musical hybrids, he is pioneering 'tribal electronics', a fresh and infectious new sound that blends regional rhythms and moods with electronic soundscapes and hypnotic indigenous urban atmospheres.