07 - 12 May

Eleni Poulou

Friday 10 May 2024

Eleni Poulou has recorded and toured worldwide with many groups including The Fall and Shizuo, and is currently working with Wolfgang Seidel, Bomb Sniffing Dogs, and as ULR with James Jeanette« Main. She hosts monthly radio shows such as “Elope” on Cashmere Radio and “Kastra” on Stegi Radio, and has appeared on Montezpress Radio, Rinse France, RTM FM, Noods Radio and NTS with Brian Turner (former9of WFMU) and Ono Tesla.
Eleni also DJs, writes poetry, creates sound collages, composes music and makes zines with like minded artists such as Theresa Patzschke. She is one half of NOHE NOSHE together with Petr Step Kišur and is part of the Berlin art collective Honey Suckle Company. She formed Organza Ray with Hilary Jeffery in 2022, her most recent solo album is “Karta” which merges Greek Pontic music with other sounds and beats.