07 - 12 May

David Bola (Journalist I France)

Wednesday 08 May 2024

Former journalist at Radio Nova, where he hosted the daily show Alpha Beta Nova and created the original podcast "La Traque." He also contributed to the programs Néo-Géo - the cultural magazine of global sound hosted by Bintou Simporé - and the morning show "Un Nova Jour Se Lève," with his news segment "C’est Bola Vie." Since October 2023, he has been hosting the weekly show RAW on Grünt, broadcast live every Wednesday on Twitch. He also possesses knowledge of the live music event organization sector, having worked in communications for the agency Surpr!ze (Concrete, Weather, Hors-Série), and in the media department of Arty Farty (Nuits sonores, European Lab, We are Europe).