07 - 12 May

Caïn و Muchi (live)

Day 1
Wednesday 08 May 2024

The origins of Caïn و Muchi date back to 2018, when Vanda Forte and Sinclair Ringenbach first met. The duo was not officially consecrated until 2020, however, with the release of self-produced debut EP Martyr ظلم, the fruit of their long-distance collaboration between France and Morocco. Their sound merges traditional music from the MENA region and electronica, halfway between experimental, rap and club music. Their meticulous sound design and orchestration are echoed in Vanda’s politically charged lyrics, sung in several Arabic dialects and tackling subjects ranging from mental health to social oppression and political conflict. Their second EP, Warda وردة, was released in 2023.

Marseille, Etats-Unis