07 - 12 May

45 more artists are joining the line-up

Nuits sonores 2024, act II: 45 artists have been added to the festival programme

The line-up includes regular Nuits sonores performers (Ben Klock, Daniel Avery, Danilo Plessow, Jennifer Cardini, KiNK), as well as up-and-coming figures on the electronic scene (Audrey Danza, Caravel, Dj Gigola, Jayda G, MCR-T, Perreo Supremo, RONI...), some of whom are making their first appearance on the festival's stages. Live music also confirms its essential place at the heart of the Nuits sonores artistic project, with over a dozen confirmed performances: Caïn و Muchi, Crystal Murray, Ebo Taylor & The Family Band, Héctor Oaks, Paranoid London and more to discover!

Single tickets for both Days and Nuits à La Sucrière are now available. We'll now see you at the end of January for the next announcements!