17 - 21 May

Nuits sonores x Fast Forward

13 € plein tarif
Le Sucre
50 quai Rambaud
69002 Lyon
Saturday 20 May
00:00 - 06:00

We're bringing this series of clubs at Le Sucre to a close with a highly fast-paced night, co-constructed with Fast Forward: behind the decks, Peachlyfe, ambassador of techno with a joyful sense of rebellion, Rachel Noon, with her inexhaustible energy, percussive grooves and ravy selections, and Repro, boss of the Euromantic label and half of Funeral Future, who fuses techno instincts with a deep love of EBM.

Fast Forward

Fast Forward Productions was born in 2015 in Copenhagen as a new approach to DIY rave culture, with plans to organise events in close connection with its local communities and like-minded crews, but also advocating a social commitment to creating safer party spaces.

Les billets pour les Nuits au Sucre sont en vente.

Tous les sites principaux de Nuits sonores : 20 ans sont accessibles aux personnes en situation de handicap.