25 - 29 May

Eat and drinks


Former Fagor-Brandt plants (Days)

Le Cousu - Traiteur is back this year, with a veggie street food proposal cooked  Singa Lyon et Résidents Relais Jacques Monod.

At la Sucrière & Le Sucre (A night with...)

La Sucrière:

• Rocket's
• L'Impro Gourmande

Le Sucre:

• Go Mex
• SIOOU se partageront le festival au Sucre.

HEAT Lyon (NS Lab, Closing Day)

 4 rotating containers:

• La Boîte Rose (pizzas napolitaines)
• Greekia (greek food)
• Kouler Renyon (world food)
• Bartholomé (healthy food)
• Edni (indian food)

Sanguin! wine bar

A unique bar dedicated to natural wine in Fagor Brandt former plants.

It took was one meeting - that of Vinister with Arty Farty - to create Sanguin! The two teams have a common desire: to highlight the cultural dimension of wine; to bring these two worlds closer together, to link them and to open up spaces for encounters. From this common promise was born Sanguin! a colourful, organic, lively name.

With Sanguin! we want to contribute humbly, but with conviction, to the exchange between the public and those who write the contemporary history of wine. It is in this spirit that we are committed to and favour organic, biodynamic and natural wines, and we encourage estates in conversion.