17 - 21 May

The Hacker

Public domaine — Transbordeur
Friday 19 May 2023

Michel Amato, a.k.a. The Hacker, is an artist who surely needs no introduction. Few figures on the French electronic scene have built such a formidable career and reputation as the Grenoble master. Founding father of electroclash with Miss Kittin; co-creator of the Goodlife label with Oxia; solo head of Zone records; producer for Turbo Recordings, Error 404 and UMF; die-hard fan of the timeless electronica of Kraftwerk and the darkest new wave… A few lines is simply not enough to do justice to one of the finest DJs and producers to have emerged from France over the last 20 years, the man behind ‘Frank Sinatra’ and ‘Mind Games’, considered as undisputed classics by older electro fans and newer generations alike.

  • Zone Records
Grenoble, France