17 - 21 May

Sarah McCoy

Born in South Carolina and classically trained at the piano, Sarah McCoy decided at age 16 to travel the American roads from East to West for five years before settling in New Orleans. There, she becomes a resident of the infamous piano bar The Spotted Cat, where she found a new and rare freedom of expression and musical experimentation. Spotted by French documentary maker Bruno Moynié, she performed at the Les Nuits de l'Alligator festival and quickly became a figure on the European jazz/blues scene. Her acclaimed debut album, Blood Siren, was recorded at the legendary Studio Ferber with Renaud Letang and Chilly Gonzales and released in 2019. The second High Priestess was released in January 2023, and saw the artist evolve towards electronic and modern, even futuristic sounds.

  • Gold Leaf Productions
France, Etats-Unis