17 - 21 May

Partiboi69 b2b LB aka LABAT

Nuit 4 – Fagor Factories
Saturday 20 May 2023

A zany and enigmatic figure of the Australian underground scene, Partiboi69 fuses computer-generated animation with ghetto house, Miami bass, electro and techno. Inviting his audience to join him in an absurdist creative universe flooded by colour, his shows are not just DJ sets but rather spaces for fun and entertainment. At Nuits Sonores, he will join forces with one of the leading lights of the Lyon power house scene, LB aka LABAT. A producer and compulsive digger with a passion for jazz, hip-hop, soul and funk vinyl, the latter will add a touch of warmth to this technicolour b2b set.

  • Mutual Pleasure Records
  • Steel City Dance Discs
  • Stingboi Productions
Melbourne, Australie