25 - 29 May

Midas The Jagaban

At a time when the burning issues of privacy and anonymity are becoming increasingly prominent, Midas The Jagaban has settled on an uncompromising solution: a white balaclava that always stands between her face and our curious eyes, meaning that music remains her only means of expression. Having emerged on the English Afrobeat scene in 2020 with her flamboyant Midas Touch EP, she has since released banger after body-shaking banger with a frightening level of precision, from Come We Bill Ehh to Party With A Jagaban and, more recently, Toxic Love. So far, she has lived up to her name: everything she touches turns to gold.

  • Jagaban Music
Londres Royaume-Uni
A night with Lala &ce
Thursday 26 May
01:20 - 02:00