19 - 25 July

LISA b2b Christian Coiffure

The mother of Tsunami 津波, an association born at Le 101 (the much-cherished club in Clermont-Ferrand), LISA is known for the unfussy, cutting-edge nature of the line-ups at her uninhibited Nuits Bleues club nights. Equally as inspired by the underwater as the underground, her mixes are dark and uncompromising. For this collaborative set, she is teaming up with Christian Coiffure, a Lyon-based resident on LYL Radio. Driven by the desire to create bridges between different musical identities, Christian’s sound is a potent cocktail of experimental textures, traditional rhythms and dark sounds.

  • 1O1 - Tsunami 津波
  • La Chinerie
Clermont-Ferrand Lyon
Soirée 3
Thursday 22 July
23:30 - 01:00