25 - 29 May

La Fève

“Let’s go!” An incisive gimmick that gets us moving our heads before he even starts the first 16. This fire-breather exudes a certain self-assuredness, suggesting his talent is innate, but the 21 year-old works tirelessly in the shadows. Somewhere between his work as a deliverer and his studies, La Fève has found the time to develop his rapping, fine-tuning both lyrics and style: on 17 December 2021, the Val-de-Marne native released ERRR, a project produced by Walone that stands out for its abundant flow, its confidence and the hushed delivery of its protagonist.

  • Walone
Fontenay-sous-Bois France
A night with Lala &ce
Thursday 26 May
00:30 - 01:00