25 - 29 May

Honey Dijon

Queer icon. Transgender DJ. Fashion protege? Let’s start by forgetting all the labels that you might associate with Honey Dijon. As soon as you try to pin her down, off she flies again…

Originally from Chicago (as you can tell from her sets) and currently residing in New York (you can tell that, too), it has only taken a few short years for the name of Honey Dijon to become an integral part of any conversation about the art of DJing. With her masterful knack for layering *a capella* house tracks over a techno beat, before following it up with a revisited disco classic, she sends dancefloors wild while spreading a genuinely unique musical vision. With house music running through her veins, and drawing inspiration as much from Grace Jones as Derrick Carter, Honey Dijon is building bridges, breaking down boundaries and prejudices, and propelling the counter-culture revival with her cheeky charm and impeccable taste.

  • Classic
New York USA
A night with Honey Dijon
Sunday 29 May
03:00 - 05:00