17 - 21 May

Hadj Sameer

Public domaine — Place Guichard
Thursday 18 May 2023

Of Algerian and Turkish origin, Hadj Sameer has been travelling the world for the past twelve years, searching for rare vinyl and grooves from all over the world. These musical universes are mixed with a deep passion for electronic music, especially Chicago house, Detroit techno, British dubstep, drum'n'bass and jungle. The encounters the artist has made during his travels — from Will Bankhead (The Trilogy Tapes) to Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.) or Max D (Future Times) — have allowed him to develop a circle of friends and collaborators who feed many of his projects. He is notably resident on Rinse France. His motto? "Dig, find, share".

  • Rinse
Paris, France