19 - 25 July

Bernadette b2b Pedro Bertho

Organiser of the Move ur Gambettes nights (mission: highlight the female electronic music scene) and [hyper]active member of The DARE night, Bernadette takes her audiences on intense and thrilling journeys with her spellbinding music laced with acid lines and powerful grooves. For his part, Pedro Bertho is a DJ from São Paulo who makes no distinction between styles, tempos and eras, so long as the sound nourishes the soul and gets the hips moving. His mixes are dripping with Afro and Brazilian influences, which he sprinkles with house and disco to create a fresh sound. Both of them give classes to up-and-coming female DJs at Le Sucre.

  • The DARE Night
Lyon France
Open Air 3
Thursday 22 July
23:30 - 01:00