19 - 25 July

Azu Tiwaline & Cinna Peyghamy

Marseille native Azu Tiwaline mixes her bass and techno background with pulsating Berber vibrations and a quasi hip-hop sensibility, while multi-instrumentalist Cinna Peyghamy uses a unique modular device to conjure new sounds from the percussion traditions of his ancestors. Their first joint EP, released on the English label Livity Sound, has been warmly received by both the European press and the wider electronic scene, making them one of 2021’s most hotly anticipated live acts. For their appearance at Nuits Sonores, the duo will turn their stage video projections into a light installation, as minimal as it is radical.

We are Europe insomnia

  • Livity Sound
Tunisie France
Soirée 2
Wednesday 21 July
19:45 - 20:30