19 - 25 July

Awori & Twani

Paired together in 2019 by Galant Records to record a single for its Seeds series, the duo composed of Ugandan singer-rapper Awori and Lyon-based producer Twani came up with a remarkable track entitled Cortex Iuxta. On hearing the sweet neo-soul voice and incisive flow of Cynthia Othieno allied with Mikael Touanen’s electronic hip-hop productions, further collaboration became an inevitability. Lockdown provided the duo with the cathartic inspiration and energy to record Ranavalona, a captivatingly contemporary album in which African and electronic sounds are blended with hip-hop and atmospheric neo-soul.

  • Galant Records
Ouganda France
Soirée 4
Friday 23 July
18:45 - 19:30