25 - 29 May

ANACO (a/v) & Malo Lacroix

Originally from the Spanish Basque country and currently based in the French capital, Anais Leszcynska is a unique phenomenon on the French scene. She regularly appears at Parisian club La Machine du Moulin Rouge, turning her DJ booth into a hive of productivity as she delivers sets bursting with frenetic rhythms. Also to be found sharing her influences on long mixes as a resident on Rinse radio, Anais Leszcynska’s output is an education on the abundance and variety of club culture: UK garage, baile funk, ambient, reggaeton, electro, dubstep, drum’n’bass, the list goes on… Stay locked!

  • Rinse
Paris France
Day 3
Friday 27 May 2022
17:20 - 19:05