17 - 21 May


Day 3
Friday 19 May 2023

Any list of the most exciting acts on New York’s effervescent club scene is bound to include AceMo and MoMa Ready, a.k.a. AceMoMA. These hyperactive heads of the HAUS of ALTR label are active on all fronts and in all eras, with one eye gazing back to the 90s while the other looks to the future. Behind the decks, the authors of the “triumphant” A Future, DJ Mag’s album of the year for 2021, are past masters when it comes to weaving unpredictable webs of retro house, rave, borderline chaotic jungle breaks, percussive techno and rhythmic vocals. There’s no way of knowing which way they’ll going next, but we’d bet our bottom dollar that you’ll enjoy the ride.

New York, USA