25 - 29 May

Koloah (live A/V)

Dmytro Avksentiev also know as Koloah and Voin Oruwu is a producer and DJ from Kyiv. Dmytro is one of the key figures of the Ukrainian electronic music scene with a unique discography of 15 releases including experimental LP ‘Etudes From A Starship ‘ on Ukrainian label Kvitnu, an audiovisual collaboration and virtual reality project Inertia on Standard Deviation, various club releases on such labels as Banoffee Pies, Hyperboloid, Cut Records, Soulection, Car Crash Set.

Dmytro’s diverse musical output has taken him from the hidden underground raves to the world-know clubs and parties such Closer, Cxema, 7, Tresor, Berghain and more.

Kiev Ukraine
Day 2
Thursday 26 May 2022
16:45 - 17:30